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Buzeo lets you store, share, discover and stream your multimedia files.
Enhance your multimedia experience, wherever you are.

use on iphone, ipad, computers

your files

With Buzeo, stream your videos, photos and tracks from any connected device.
Your files are automatically processed to fit your device and optimised
for streaming.

socialise your medias

your world

Explore contents from your Facebook friends, share your files in no time.
No matter if it's a whole playlist, an album or just one song. Let Buzeo
bring instant sharing and an amazing experience to your digital world.

the essence of your medias

your medias

It's not about storage, but interactivity. Buzeo seamlessly
finds synopsis and subtitles for your movies and series,
covers for your tracks, technical infos for photographs and locates
your photos on a map. Leave comments on any content if you're in the mood.