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The private streaming service
between friends.

Enjoy your videos, photos & music
with your friends.

We make media discoverability and diffusion within your social circles easier than ever. That's why it's so simple to have a good time wherever and whenever you want.

To enjoy an evening between friends or simply to relax, the entertainment you need is here, where you need it, when you need it. Have your favorites medias grouped in playlists and instantly share your best inspirations.

Quentin Busuttil

Quentin Busuttil

I got the idea of Buzeo in 2012 because at the time, there was no means to always have one's CD & DVD collection within reach.
Hence Buzeo aims at answering this very need: being able to enjoy the best of your medias and discover tracks, pictures and videos hand-picked by your friends.

For all
your friends.

After months of intense thinking, several prototypes, numerous failures and months of coding, Buzeo is alive.

Although Quentin is Buzeo's founder and unique developer, nothing would had been possible without Aymeric Canton's genuine graphic skills. He shaped the way Buzeo is used today.

Everywhere with you.

Stream the very best of your videos, photos and tracks, on all your devices, wherever you are.