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Open Source

Long live open source software!

Without open source, Buzeo wouldn't exist. Although Buzeo isn't open source itself, several modules created for its need have been published online under BSD licence. Moreover, we strive to help open source project we use by fixing bugs and adding functionalities when necessary.

In addition to open source software, numerous services are offered free of charge online and numerous resources are shared under free licences (images, articles etc).

Hence a huge thank you to all these people that make the internet a place where knowledge and culture is freely shared.

Services used by Buzeo

Buzeo uses several services to enrich your medias:

Open source software used

It is impossible to be exhaustive here as so many softwares are used, directly or indirectly. We are therefore going to mention the main ones.

Server & back-end



In addition to software used to create the application, let's not forget all the neat tools without which it would be much more difficult to write code:

Again, thank you to all of the sus-mentionned ones and thank you to all the others!