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Protection by conviction

At Buzeo, we truly believe that privacy is a fondamental right. Data are users’ and shouldn’t be shared with third parties nor sold.

Many companies abused their users’ data, that’s why Europe reacted by enacting the GDPR law.

As web surfers, we are all equally affected by these misuses of our data. Therefore, as we are deeply convinced that privacy is a right for everyone, we offer the same level of protection to all our users, Europeans or not.

Data collection and usage

We only collect data that we need. For this purpose, we ask you for some information when you sign up, such as your first and last names, your birthdate and your email address.

Moreover, for statistical purpose, we also collect data on how our services are used (geographical area, device used, visited pages…). These data are anonymized and under no circumstances linked to your account.

At last, in case of account suppression, all related data are deleted.

Hosting and data location

All our servers are located within Europe. The majority of them are in France and are therefore under French laws. The medias themselves are hosted in Ireland on Amazon’s servers.

Hence all the data hosted on our services are under European jurisdiction and they are never transferred to other geographic zones.